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"Captured in the Dark" - Locked in the cellar, she waits for a stranger (new)
"Nobody cares" - Of loneliness and depression.
"Gonard the Descreet" - A short story of an old guardsman and a drunken noble girl.
"The Mystery of the Mansion"
"In the Middle of a Desert"
"A Fairy Tale about Potatoes"
"Wind, My Lover" - A poem (Updated)
Art Gallery


"Viuhtis 1"
"Little People of the Forest"
"The Long Wait"
"The Visit of a Space Alien"
"Harry's Horrible School Day"
"The Attack of Flying Saucers"

If you asked the sitekeeper why there's so little material, she'd probably tell you that she's afraid of making mistakes with the translations or that no one really comes here or that she has no time but the main reason is probably that she's just plain lazy. So, if you really think she should translate some of her fine stories into English or maybe even write some from scratch, go tell her that. (Sign guestbook)

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