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Avaruusolennon vierailu / The Visit of a Space Alien

A spaceship crashes down on a swamp.
The hatch opens.
Out comes something.
It observes...
And takes... finally... a figure.
-'Borrow this for me'-
- OK.
- You haven't been into this U.F.O stuff before.
- I borrowed this for that m...
Quickly the alien connects to the woman.
- But.. you weren't wearing that coat before!
The alien erases the librarian's memory.
- Library card, please.
(It says LIBRARY on the wall.)
The alien has separated from the woman.
What am I doing in here? she wonders.
- I'm home already, Rosa!
- EEK!
- What?
(And then she sees the markings on her face, reflecting from the mirror. This is a letter to the people of Earth, if they only learn to translate it.)

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