There were a lot of spelling errors before since I was only 15 when I translated this story. The mistakes have been fixed now. Sorry.


Once upon a time there was the Rotten Old Potato and the little Baby Potato.
Baby Potato asked from the old potato: "Why are you in such bad condition?"
"Because I haven't been picked up", Rotten Old Potato answered.
"Picked up?" Baby Potato wondered.
"It means that suddenly a metal thingamajig comes down and moves you out of the soil."
"Oh..." Baby Potato understood.
"Look, that metal hit me once and the mark is still there", Rotten Old Potato told.
And he showed a black nick on his side. The Baby Potato looked at it and was shocked.
"Why wasn't you picked up, just poked?" Baby Potato wondered.
"Since The Top-Parters can't see us down here, they just turn the soil and pick up those who they spot then. But I have been here for two years now, and I'm so black that they can't notice me", Rotten Old Potato told.
"Don't you want to go to the surface at all?" Baby Potato asked.
"No, because there we'll be EATEN."
"Eaten?" Baby Potato whined sounding scared.
"That doesn't hurt because we have no nerves, but it's sad having to leave all your loved ones behind. But we'll grow again..."
Suddenly the metal stroke through the ground and Baby Potato screamed in terror.
"Don't be afraid", Rotten Old Potato said. "Come here, right next to me."
They saw how Lumpy, the duck-shaped potato, was snatched from the ground with all the others.
"Why did they take Lumpy? He was all deformed!" Baby Potato wondered.
"The Top-Parters don't care about the looks, only the taste matters", Rotten Old Potato said. "Now be quiet, it isn't over yet."
The metal stroke down again but this time it lifted only Rotten Old Potato.
"Goodbye, Baby Potato!" Rotten Old Potato shouted.
Baby Potato heard a shout from up: "Yuck, this one is all rotten! Lets go some place else."
So Baby Potato could stay in the soil to tell the new baby potatoes about the cruel fate of Rotten Old Potato, which waits for them all.

The End

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