Growth and Egoism (in chronological order)

Note: Thumbnails contain only part of a whole image. The timings of older pictures may be inaccurate.
One-and-a-half-year-old at grandma's. Everyone keeps reminding me how cute I was as a baby. Like I didn't have enough problems with my looks. Innostuin kirjoittamisesta jo noin kolmivuotiaana.
I slept all curled up as a little kid. I played tea party with my doll Marjukka. I can't remember anything like that myself and in fact, I've heard a rumor that the situation may be staged.
At Linnanmäki in front of the Spooky Castle year 1998. I and the old witch - looking so alike, aren't we? I looked damn stout at the time. I posed with my brother all dressed up in front of our house just before leaving to Suvi's graduation party. (2002)
In the train on the way from Kouvola to Kotka. (July 2002) The result of my first voluntary off-school cloth-making attempt. (2002)
I tried on my everyday-looking seniors' day suit. (February 2003)

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