This text was originally my roleplaying solo in RaceWarKingdoms, played in three episodes. I've changed it only a bit afterwards: mofied it to look like a real story instead of a bunch of emote messages, fixed some spelling errors, removed stuff that seemed stupid and added some text that couldn't originally fit the RWK message lenght limitation. The limitation (140 marks or something like that) really sucks, it prevents using good, long sentences and makes text look clumsy. Can't see why anyone bothers to play there anymore when better channels are available.
The story takes place between two rpg:s I played with people in RWK. In the first one Lizard had just been dumped in the middle of the desert after being tortured by anonymous enemies (later called "the carriers of the fox skull sign"). (That was a justified punishment for raiding some farms with a band of robbers.) A wizard appeared to heal her and he removed the dark spell set to her mind that was keeping her alive but preventing her from healing or using spells at the same time. We were going to continue later, but he didn't show up so I went solo.

In The Middle Of A Desert

Lizard is still there. She doesn't know exactly where the place is, only that the sun is far too bright and the sand feels like solid fire. She has waked up three times after been healed. First time she felt just pain, lonelyness and anxiety, and only anger for the second time, but now the flames of wrath flicker low, allowing her to think somewhat clearly. She takes a look at the strange mage lying nearby. The man hasn't moved and Lizard wonders if healing her was too much for him. She carefully stands up and although it hurts she can apparently walk now. She takes the few staggering steps needed to reach the mage and sits down. The man seems to be breathing, or maybe it's just the wind waving the robes. The man's face is hidden by his hat and the woman has no courage to lift it, fearing that there might be only a skull beneath. She notes a bag under his arm, grabs it and retreats. "The man's dead or dying, he doesn't care" Lizard says to herself, trying to forget that this man had just saved her life. She studies the contents of the bag, finding a nearly full water skin and a bag of dried fruits. Other items are useless in the middle of the desert the man can have them if he would happen to awake. She gulps some water and tries to find out which way to go. Everything looks the same. Sand, as far as the eye can see. Finally she decides that any way is better than staying and starts walking forward, soon finding out that travelling with so many wounds and no shoes is quite hard. She's leaving bloody footprints behind her but who could bother to follow them? Surely everyone knows that nobody can escape the Burning Wastes. She has a feeling that the nearest town is just behind the horizon, just a few more steps and she'll be able to see it, but then she suddenly feels weak, like something was draining energy out of her. Black spots dance in her eyes and she must sit down to rest. Maybe it's the dark spell... It was foolish to think that it could be destroyed by a human. It was just hiding. She collapses and feels freezing in spite of the heat.

Lizard regains counsciousness. The sky above is dark and full of stars... She's too tired to stand up. Night air feels refreshing on her feverish body. She could just close her eyes and sleep again but that would mean death by freezing when the midnight comes. Temperature variations are very big in the wasteland, where is no water to store the heat for the night and cool the day.
She starts chewing a piece of dried fruit, not being sure if her stomach is ready yet to take in any food. Carefully she sits up, feeling weak, weaker than the last time she was awake. Well, maybe it's just the hunger. She eats, without tasting anything. It takes all the energy just to stay awake.
Lizard wakes up after sleeping in sitting position as hears wings flapping and thinks for a moment that some angel or demon has finally come to fetch her. But the sound is too faint. She raises her head and sees a small bird flapping in the ground nearby. She crawls to the bird and grabs it with a sudden motion. The small animal tries to peck her and break free, but she wont let go. She starts stroking the bird gently with her fingers, trying to make it calm down. It's little heart beats like a drum, it's terrified. Lizard speaks to the little gray thing very silently: "Dont worry, I'm not going to eat you." So easily she could break the bird's neck, but she usually kills only those who are a threat to her and this fragile creature deserves a chance, after making a journey so long. She lets the bird go. It runs on the sand first, looking stunned, but then it spreads it's tiny wings and flies. "Go find your home!" Lizard calls, voice breaking in the end. She could follow the bird and they might find a place that doesn't try to kill travellers, but she knows she can't walk anymore, not tonight. She watches the bird till it vanishes into the darkness. Then she lies down and rolls herself up in the borrowed cloak. It doesn't keep the cold away but gives some shelter from the wind.

Now she suddenly stands on the roof of a tall, stony tower. The sky is milky white, tinted with shades of gray. Noise of crashing waves is heard from somewhere below. She hears a man's voice saying: "It's beautiful here, isn't it? And so calm. You can stay here and rest for as long as you like." She turns around to thank him, but is stunned by the image: There stands a very tall warrior in ancient platemail. He looks like some statue. The man continues: "All I ask for a payment is one little kiss. That will you sure grant me?" Lizard moves forward, reluctantly, keeping her eyes on the floor, on her bare feet. The knight raises a single gauntlet-covered finger to lift her chin. She's forced to look the man in the eyes. He has removed his helmet and the face is very common, a one that could easily be lost in a crowd. She gives the knight that kiss he desired. But the man won't let go. His lips, cold as ice, keep draining her life. Darkness falls.
Lizard is startled awake. The illusion is gone but coldness stays. Nightmare has ended only to be replaced by the old one. "If dreams are like that, I hope I'll never see another one...", she thinks. Flustered bird-chirping prevents her from falling asleep again, so she opens her eyes and sees a bird, apparently the same one she saw last night. Or this night, for it's still quite dark. She raises on her feet before thinking that might be impossible. Her limbs are numb from catching cold and she runs around for a moment to warm herself up. Mild tingling in her feet soon turns into pain but that just proves there's no gangrene. She has now gained enough energy to continue. The bird as her guide she travels on, hoping to get out alive.

And this is where the story ends. There was an encounter but the player had to leave all of a sudden and the situation didn't even seem realistic so I didn't include it here. Of course Lizard survived and eventually she got out of the wasteland, apparently using the natural way of teleportation (that in RWK is only limited by character's intelligence).
All the bad things that hapenned to Lizard made her feel that she shouldn't cause more pain to others, but that change didn't last long and she's still a bandit. The bird still appears sometimes and they can have a primitive telepatic connection, but Lizard doesn't seem to understand where the messages are coming from.

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