Nobody cares

    Running down the road
    I stumble and fall
    Why doesn't anyone
    help me at all?
    Would someone please lend me
    a bandaid? I pray
    and wish that someone would
    hold me and say
    Do not cry, you're a
    big girl already,
    but nobody cares
    and the curtains stay steady
This is what it's like to be lonely. It doesn't matter that there are people around, or that the phone book in your cell phone is full of numbers. You just lie in your room, covered in darkness and misery, hoping for someone to call, or even come by. But no one does.

You gather the courage to grab the phone. No, you cannot bother people or they will be annoyed. Yes, they know you are depressed but they have already recommended a psychologist. You cannot keep pouring your depression on others.

Finally you dial the number of your best friend. Or at least she used to be that a couple of years ago, when you still went out. She does not answer.

When the street lamps start to glow an eerie green light, you sneak to the bathroom and clench the razor blade. But you have no courage to press it against the vein, so you just crawl back under the blanket. And you do not cry, because nobody would care.


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