Game/Society Simulator. You don't know the meaning of "addictive" until you've played Cantr. It's a new world. Has anyone told you to get a life? Well, here you can have 15.
I advice any person joining to read all the background information and maybe visit the forums too. First tip for survival is to know that everything you see has been once built or gathered by someone, nothing comes without working thus if you take something you haven't built people are bound to get mad at you. Another thing to remember is that the game is very slow-paced. Projects advance once every three hours, so don't sit around wondering why the bar with 0% on it isn't processing. Also it's possible that the people you see are necessarily not reading, so shouting "is anyone online?" is something you should NEVER do.
In game I have several characters and there's no telling how long they'll live so I won't start listing them here. Besides if you run into them, you can't act like you'd know them because everyone starts off as tabula rasa and we're not supposed to use OOC information in game.

Nowhere Else and Beyond

This game has 2D tile graphics and also offers a pseudo-3D view or "2.5D" as they call it. The game is based on quests and after advancing far enough, the player is given a chance to create their own island with their own quests. The variable system is a bit limited since you can only use numeric values and the slots are also identified only by numbers. There are no labels for them so you need to keep a record elsewhere unless you can remember them by heart. There isn't awfully lot of interaction between players, although the game does offer chatrooms and private messaging. The joy of playing comes mostly from OOC means of affecting the game world. I used to volunteer as a graphics designer and for a long time, a fountain I drew was in the middle of the front page. You can also apply for jobs like Dungeon Checker, Island Checker and Player Helper (provided you've been playing for a while). I don't play this game anymore.

Human Age

Virtual human development game
free human development game

A simulation with high quality graphics, but it still works pretty decently even on a slow Internet connection. It only takes a few minutes a day, although with taking risks you might be able to spend some more time.
You should buy a weapon and start hunting on the marsh straight away, because hunting all nights doesn't affect your work efficiency. As long as you have some weapon and you're not injured or ill, you can catch at least one thing a day. But it's best to wait until you've caught at least three things before bringing them home, because bringing back the whole loot takes the same amount of morale as bringing home a single item.
If you catch something big and people are already selling them for the lowest price on the market, you can sell your whole loot to the trader and get cash for sure. But if you notice that you could get more on the market then bring everything back home, use the small things for daily food and sell the ones you're sure to get profit from. But you should always sell for cheaper than the others, otherwise your item is prolly gonna get lost in the masses and no one's gonna buy it. If you need to buy food, buy the cheapest available. You should spend your goat kneecaps on furniture and security items.
I seem to remember that in the beginning you can drink from the tribe's wells without a cost, but I've read from the forums that it doesn't work later on (at least without paying some), so start drinking from your own reserves when it comes possible. When you're a water carrier, you'll be getting much more than you can drink so you can sell some of the extra water if you need more money. I've kept my water reserves at 20 litres but apparently smaller amounts would still be safe. But starting off as a wood gatherer might give you enough of a stock pile to keep your fire burning while you're working as a water carrier, otherwise you'll have to buy wood.


Misc. It's a big portal offering an instant messenger, e-mail, games, a Web radio with a chance of making your own customized station, daily comics (and loads of other options which I'm not using so often).

Kingdom of Loathing

Game/Parody. A fun game world with loads of different items, locations, holidays and stuff. It takes a while to perform all the quests and even after that you can get fun out of selling things, cooking food, coctailcrafting, meatsmithing and gathering rare items if you get rich enough. I used to play under the name of Daffodil, but the account expired back when accounts still could expire. Since then I've created a new alias. For years I only played during Crimbo season but was more active in the beginning of 2014.

Arcane Journeys Game/Post-apocalyptic. The game takes place in a world that has suffered a disaster of some sort, maybe a nuclear war? There are deserts, ancient ruins, junk to be scavenged and a couple of the adventures take place in outer space. There are various games of different lenght and challenge level. The credit system slows things down but after you've finished the Well a couple of times, you'll have enough credits to try something new. Note, mini games give no reward unless you get in top ten and that's very unlikely. Donating money will give you credits but you can also earn them by making suggestions, hunting for the treasure which appears on a random part of the site and the finder is rewarded with one credit, or then you can take part in the lottery. (I won the lottery the first time it was presented so it's worth trying.) My account here has timed out, but it used to be called Gecko.

Drow translator

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